Pro Kit – Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit


The Pro Kit Includes:

  • The LT-1000 Amplifier: LeakTronics patented leak detection amplifier, designed to power all LeakTronics listening equipment.
  • The Pool Scope: The omnidirectional underwater microphone that finds leaks accurately throughout the pool shell.
  • The Pipe Mic: With its smaller diameter, it finds leaks in return lines, skimmers, and pipes that run away from the pool.
  • Static Testing Cones
  • Over Ear Headphones
  • 2 Refillable Dye Injectors
  • A Water-Resistant Flashlight – for looking in the skimmer (seams) and light niches
  • An Inspection Mirror – for hard to see places
  • A Durable Carrying Case
  • Complete Technical Manual – Printable Online
  • Unlimited Customer Support by Phone or Email
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

* A 5-Year Extended Warranty Can Be Added To This Item.


The Pro Kit with leakTronics Pool Scope and Pipe Mic 

Launching a career in Leak Detection or adding leak detection services to an established business is easy with LeakTronics equipment. Pool Builders, service technicians and property maintenance can easily identify leaks and water loss in the pool shell using the Pro Kit. Just Drop the Mic in the PoolLeakTronics proprietary technology is designed specifically for the pinpoint leak detection and doesn’t rely on outdated methods to find where leaks occur.

The Pro Kit, like all of LeakTronics kits, is centered around the LT-1000 Amplifier. The proprietary technology in the LT-1000 powers all of LeakTronics listening equipment with unmatched sensitivity and control when listening for the sounds of leaks.

A leak detection begins with a full pool, clear water and the equipment turned off. The weight of water in the pool pushing out of a crack, leak, pipe separation, pinhole or crevasse makes a noise we begin listening for using the Pool Scope. As you approach a leak, the sound increases and allows you to pinpoint the areas where leaks occur. Precise, effective and non-invasive leak detections are how professionals solve customers leak problems and get paid. The Pool Scope is our first go-to piece of equipment for finding leaks.

The Pipe Mic, a smaller version of LeakTronics omni-directional hydrophones lets users get inside return lines, skimmer ports and slot drains where space is smaller but leaks still occur. It is equally as powerful as the Pool Scope but offers more maneuverability in tighter areas of the pool environment.

If you’re new to the leak detection industry and you’re looking to wade in, the Pro Kit is for you. If you want to dive right in and take customer calls fast – have a look at the Pro Complete Kit, with subsurface listening equipment and a Pressure Rig. The Pro Complete Kit is also included in the complete Online Leak Detection Training and Certification program.

Optional Add-on Equipment

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in
Extended Warranty Available

With Standard 2-Year Warranty: $2,226.40, Add 5-Year Extended Warranty: $2,391.40

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