Small Video Inspection Camera


The LeakTronics Small Hand Held Video Camera with dye injector is perfect for getting eyes on hard to reach places.

  • 36 Inch Camera Extension
  • Vivid Camera Screen
  • Bright LED’s
  • Dye Injection Tube


With LeakTronics Small Video Inspection Camera with dye injector, it’s easy to get eyes on hard to reach places. For Plumbers,  you’re able to see behind appliances, cabinets, under and or behind air conditioning units and water heaters!  With the 3-Foot camera extension, you can get eyes on things you just won’t see when you try to shine a flashlight into a crack. Can’t see under that dishwasher or inside that drain? It’s easy with a small, unobtrusive camera. The bright LED’s on the camera head illuminate the area you want to see and with the flexible but rigid camera extension, you’re in control.

For swimming pool technicians, keep the 3-Foot rule in mind. 95% of all swimming pool leaks occur within 36 inches of the pool shell. That strike zone is your three foot mark – and that’s the length of the camera’s extension. The camera head is small enough to fits inside swimming pool return lines, skimmer lines, spa jets and spa suctions, light rings as well as many hard to see places. With the attached dye injector tube, you can see where water and dye is ingested into cracks and leaks. With the camera in one hand, you can do more than get a look for yourself, you can show your customer what you’ve found and make repair recommendations on the spot. Turning leak detections into paid repair work is easier when you have the right equipment in hand.

The Small Video Inspection Camera comes standard in LeakTronics Pro Complete Kit , but you can add one to your arsenal of equipment that you bring to every job. It’s the perfect tool for getting fast and accurate results in all of your swimming pool leak detection and plumbing work.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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