Hear actual Leak Sounds. When the weight of water in a swimming pool pushes out of a crack, it makes a significant noise. At 8.34 pounds per gallon, the pressure caused by 20,000+ gallons of fluid trying to force it’s way through a leak in a swimming pool can be really loud … when you have the right equipment to listen to it.

Dropping the PoolScope by LeakTronics into a full pool allows a leak detection technician to hear the whooshing that emanates from a leak, and as they get closer, it becomes louder and more apparent.  This is how technicians using LeakTronics leak detection equipment can accurately identify the precise location of a leak, in a pool shell, pipes and plumbing or in attached equipment like spas and fountains.

For plumbing lines, using a pressure rig and a combination of air and water, the user can find a leak underground by listening with LeakTronics DeckPlate and Soil Probe. The boiling and bubbling of water escaping a pipe is easy to identify with the right equipment, and LeakTronics professional leak detection kits include that equipment.



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