PoolScope Premium Yellow Line


Meet the new PoolScope. It’s got the upgrades you’ve been waiting for!

  • Hear a wider range of frequencies
  • Cables are longer than our original Pipe Mic; 20 feet in length.
  • Greater sensitivity: 25% more sensitive than our standard PoolScope.
  • Filtering ability: 15% greater noise reduction than our standard PoolScope.
  • 2 year limited warranty included.
  • Unlimited Technical Support.


The PoolScope from LeakTronics gets an upgrade. With advancement in technology, the PoolScope Premium Yellow Line Series offers longer industrial cables and increased sensitivity and listening capabilities. The cable is now 20 feet in length and cab me made longer for custom orders. (Call for details.)

Yellow Line Series Microphones, PoolScopes and Hydrophones have the ability to pick up a wider range of frequencies. While this is a benefit to 99% of the professional leak detection market, there are rare instances where a technician isn’t looking for increased sensitivity and power. If you are listening to fountains and spas along a busy city street in Times Square, you will really hear every car that passes at 8 feet from where you are working. If that isn’t your situation, then have no fear. LeakTronics research and development team has spent hours testing, listening and adapting new technology into the hydrophones that are now the new industry standard for professional leak detection. Used in a variety of applications, the new yellow Line Series has proven to be the upgrade that best fits the industry. As Pool equipment evolves, and some becomes older – being able to hear any and all leaks when they occur is easier now with the Yellow Line Premium Series Microphones, available for all Leaktronics swimming pool kits that use the LT-1000 Amplifier.

The Leaktronics Yellow Line Premium Series Microphones are an enhancement upgrade to the standard PoolScope and microphones provided in our kits. The LeakTronics Premium Yellow Line Series Pipe Mics have an increased sensitivity, making honing in on the sound of leaks more accurate. The cables are also an increased length, now 25 feet. The Yellow Line Series Mics are also able to pick up a wider range of frequencies. They are simply superior to any current technology on the market! Get one today.

Performing a leak detection using the PoolScope.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in