Plumbing Leak Detection.
Get The Tools On The Pipe And Listen.

When it comes to Plumbing Leak Detections, finding a leak starts with breaking out the tools, looking for access to make contact with pipes, and above all – listening! LeakTronics professional leak detection listening equipment does just that by using new technology to get accurate detections with precise findings, wherever leaks are hiding.

Below you’ll see how using LeakTronics Pipe Probe gets you hearing the leak, even at a distance. This includes touching the ultra-sensitive Pipe Probe, and the Pipe Probe Extension Rod, to various points of entry, including: shower valves, laundry valves, angle stops, stub-ups and areas where pipes reveal themselves. Add to that, LeakTronics Deck Plate, for listening under concrete slabs and below flooring. With these, even a whisper can be heard from a leaking pipe.

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Using The Pipe Probe

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When connected to the LT1000 Headphone Amplifier, LeakTronics tools become even more sensitive to hearing sounds. As the ONLY Phantom Powered listening device available on the market, the LT1000 literally makes LeakTronics listening devices three times more sensitive than products by Sewerin, anything Anderson sells and truly more sensitive than any other listening devices on the market. Have a look!

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