Pipe Probe Add-on


  • The Pipe Probe Mic
  • The Magnetic Listening Disc
  • A 3 Inch Listening Disc
  • The Soil Probe
  • The Soil Probe Extension


The Pipe Probe, sometimes referred to as the Soil Probe, is the perfect add-on equipment to enhance your listening arsenal. You’ll find the Pipe/Soil Probe in the Pro Complete, Plumbing and Irrigation Leak Detection Kits. The Pipe/Soil Probe is powered by the LT-1000 Amplifier and attaches using the standard phantom powered XLR plug you’ll find on all of LeakTronics listening equipment.

The sounds made in leaking pipes, either from water escaping the leak or when pressurizing the pipe with air wand water, resonate from underground. Listening with the Soil Probe and its highly sensitive tip gets beyond the surface and listens below ground. The pointed tip allows users to listen without the distraction of handling noise caused by grass and other uneven surfaces that would otherwise cause a disturbance.

The Soil probe is ergonomically designed to listen without bending or stooping to get right to the sounds. The small handle fits in one hand and allows for ease of motion and adjustment when moving the device along the location of a pipe. With the 3 inch listening disc, included with the probe, you can remove the pointed tip and attach the disc to listen as you would with a DeckPlate. Cover hard surface areas like decks, sidewalks and driveways where lines run. The probe is extremely versatile.

For Plumbers, the probe detaches near the middle and can be attached shorter to make a wand. The shorter wand makes it easy to reach beneath sinks to listen on water valves, or behind toilets, washing machines or in tight spaces where the user can more easily maneuver and control where the probe makes contact. it offers the ultimate control and highest level of sensitivity when listening both on pies, and beneath surface areas.

The 3 inch listening disc, and the included magnetic listening disc can be attached directly to the handle to serve as a stethoscope. Listen directly on floors, or attach to metal pipes for zero handling noise when listening.

Irrigation professionals rely on the Soil Probe for listening to pipes over large areas. When combined with the tools in the Irrigation Kit, like the PG-2, mapping and tracing lines is a breeze. The sensitive and powerful listening capability of the probe offers unmatched excellence in listening underground.



Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in