Pipe Probe Add-on


  • The Pipe Probe Mic
  • The Magnetic Listening Disc
  • A 3 Inch Listening Disc
  • The Soil Probe
  • The Soil Probe Extension


The LeakTronics Pipe Probe is powered by the LT1000 Amplifier. It is one of the most multifaceted tools in the leak detection industry. The Pipe Probe is the result of combining a soil probe and a magnetic contact mic into one versatile tool.

When lines leak and water rushes out of the break in the line, the pipe itself vibrates at the location of the leak. The vibrations are carried throughout the pipe and can be noticed at distant points, such as fittings. The traveling vibrations are made audible by the technology inside the Pipe Probe. The Pipe Probe has a two year Limited Warranty.

Metal pipes are a great transmitter of vibrations and sound vibrations travel great distances. The Pipe Probe is a great way of pre-locating leaks.With the Soil Probe attached, the user is able to easily test pipes from a standing position to check stubbed out lines at a work site area without having to bend.

The Magnetic Contact Mic can detect leaks in pipes, lines and valves. When the Soil Probe portion of the Pipe Probe is disconnected from the handle and the contact mic is screwed into place, accessible valves and pipes can be easily tested. If you’re trying to check a valve under normal pressure, simply hold the Magnetic contact mic on the valve. If you hear hissing or running water, the valve is not seating or closing properly and allowing water to pass through.

When testing non-conductive pipes such as PVC, PEX, etc., use a pressure rig (accessory) and put the line under pressure.The combination of air and water causes the area of the leak to be under greater pressure, and creates a distinctive boiling noise which sends sound vibrations down the line and into the ground allowing the Pipe Probe to pick up the sound.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in