Irrigation Leak Detection Kit


Your Kit Includes:

  • The LT1000 Amplifier: The Patented leak detection amplifier, designed by LeakTronics to power all LeakTronics electrical components.
  • The PG-2 pipe Locator: To create an audible pulse in pipes and plumbing for mapping and tracing lines.
  • The Soil/Pipe Probe: For Listening under soil, and solid surfaces. The Soil/Pipe Probe is a rugged yet ergonomic tool designed to locate standard pressure or pressurized leaks. It’s the perfect tool for line location and above head systems and checking valves for leaks. The Soil Probe includes three attachments for listening under soil, concrete and has a magnetic attachment for galvanized and metal pipes.
  • Headphones: Classic over the ear headphones with volume control are provided with each kit.  Our headphones work in conjunction with the LT1000 to provide noise reduction to eliminate background noise as much as possible.
  • Carrying Case – A rugged carrying case with soft sided interior provides superior protection for all of your components.
  • Pressure Rig: The LeakTronics Pressure Rig is a tool used to pressure up a line using water, air or both.  Our unit is quite unique because it allows the mixture of both water and air to mix in its chamber.  By combining both water and air, the rig creates a distinctive boiling sound which can be heard by any of it’s components. The compression rig can be used on PVC, Copper, PEX, Galvanized, Poly, or any type of old concrete or clay pipe.
  • Compression Plugs: The Pressure Rig comes with an assortment of compression plugs to make pressure testing simple in a rugged water resistant carrying bag.  This includes 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch compression plugs.
  • Injection Plug: The kit includes a 1 inch injection plug for pressure testing irrigation lines.
  • Water Resistant Carrying Bag: This bag keeps your plugs and Pressure Rig together for every job.
  • Pressure Gauge: For performing a pressure drop test.
  • Technical Manual: Also available to print directly on the LeakTronics website.
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Irrigation Kit Price: $2900


Get to know the kit:

The LeakTronics Irrigation Leak Detection Kit includes all the equipment you’ll need to locate pipes and detect leaks in the pipes and plumbing through the irrigation systems. The Pulse Generator included in the complete kit will aid in the accurate location of pipes including plastic and PVC as well as metal pipes. When running under soil, landscaping, aggregate and even concrete and solid surfaces – this kit has you covered.

NOTE: The IRRIGATION KIT now includes the PG-2 Pulse Generator. The Old Pulse Generator has been discontinued.

Using the kit:

Using the equipment included in the Irrigation Kit – including the versatile and ergonomic Soil Probe, the phantom powered LT1000 Amplifier and the Pressure Rigtechnicians are able to locate and mark where pipes are under soil, landscaping, aggregate and even concrete while mapping and tracing the plumbing.


Your complete kit includes the PG-2 Pipe Locator; a powerful tool for pipe tracing and line locating. By distributing an audible, non-electric pulse across literally thousands of feet of connected plumbing – the PG-2 creates a vibration that can be heard through thousands of feet of attached pipes and plumbing lines. This allows the user to mark the exact location of pipes that can be pressurized to listen to and locate pipe breaks, separations, pinholes and all types of leaks.

Because electricity cannot be generated through a plastic pipe, standard practices aren’t usable for locating plastic and PVC plumbing lines and pipes. These are the most common pipes used in modern irrigation systems and the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit is designed for the needs of Irrigation and Landscape professionals. Using the Pulse Generator allows users to map and trace lines across those vast spaces. As pipes run under soil, aggregate and landscaping – the audible pulse can be heard using the Soil probe at depths up to 6 feet, through soil and even solid surfaces.

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 11 in