Professionals that use LeakTronics equipment are sought after for providing non-invasive methods of leak detection. LeakTronics Trained and Certified Pro Technicians have successfully passed the guidelines set by LeakTronics for doing the job effectively and providing the solutions customers need to find their leaks and get them repaired. Use this map to locate an equipped or trained leak detection professional in your area. For professional Torque Lock installers, click here.

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Learning the Art of Leak Detection is easy with LeakTronics Online Training and Certification program. With more than 7 hours of instructional video, enrollees learn how LeakTronics modern equipment effectively find leaks in pools, pipes and plumbing. The programs deliver on the job insights with case studies, downloadable paperwork to help operate a successful business, understanding of customer psychology and the right questions to ask before getting to the job. All trainees have the customer support from LeakTronics to answer any questions during training, or on the job, to do the work properly and get paid.

Students who opt for the complete Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Package get the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit with enrollment. The Pro Complete Kit includes all the equipment necessary to provide proper leak detections on any pool, water feature, spa or water bearing vessel.

Students who enroll in the complete Plumbers Leak Detection Training will receive the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit. This includes all the equipment necessary to find leaks in pipes and plumbing lines, under concrete, soil, flooring, behind walls and throughout residential and commercial environments.

To learn more information or to ask questions about LeakTronics Certified Leak Detection Training for Swimming Pool or Plumbing professionals, equipment packages and purchases or customer referrals: call 818-436-2953.