Here’s what professionals and trainees have to say about LeakTronics.

I just completed the online training. You have done a great job pulling everything thing together. It should be an excellent stand-alone training for someone who is already in the industry. I feel that a person who has never done pool work will benefit more from hands-on as well as the online, the one-two punch will give them the confidence they need.  The online course just did for me, reinforced my hands-on training. The only thing that I would probably add is a picture of a plumbing repair from one of your jobs. I am so glad that I found you online for my continuing education in the leak detection field. Hands down you are at the forefront of this industry. I look forward to working with you and look forward to new products coming out, i.e., no dig repairs on plumbing.

Thanks again for allowing me to use this course.

Ron Peterson, Rojo's Pool Service
Just a shout out to Darren for the Leak detection class in Orlando, Florida last week. I used the new technique he showed us to find a leak I have been unable to pinpoint in 5 previous attempts. I used the microphone underwater to hear a leak in he return lines that were under water/air pressure.
Roger Williams, Islamorada Pools

First, The Leaktronics gear is fantastic! We are transforming our business from pool service to leak detection service and it’s a lot of fun to do! Thanks to  Leaktronics for the gear!

Dennis, D&W Techniek Zwembaden & Spa / Whirlpool

Last month we decided to invest in leak detection equipment and we choose the LeakTronics Plumbers Kit. We have already done a few leak detection jobs and your gear has performed flawlessly. Thank you for the quality and the customer service!

From a trainee: Hello, its Rex. Leak detections are going well. I had 2 calls and 2 leaks found. I have 2 more next week. Wanted to say thanks.

Rex, A1 Pool Service

I used the FLASH System and was able to locate 2 leaks in the same line – in different areas of the line! The homeowner was extremely happy since the leak had been going on for more than 2 years and a major franchise leak detection company was unable to locate the leaks on more than 3 occasions to the location!

I used the LT1000 for the first time today in a concrete pool. I placed the mic in front of a heater suction line near the base of a pool and got instant readings. I have to say, I am really impressed with the ease of finding the leak, it saved me so a lot of time and effort. The unit is impressively accurate.

We purchased the complete pro package at the trade show in Atlantic City. After watching the videos on the Leaktronics website, I thought I had a handle on the equipment and I probably could have learned by myself to use it, however I’m glad I went to the hands-on training. The creation of “controlled leaks” in an actual swimming pool and locating them with the equipment was a great learning experience. The on-site leak detection was an even better experience, as the leaks were able to be heard, and those that weren’t leaks, weren’t heard. It was simple to see as they were “true leaks.” I feel I have a better handle on the equipment, and I am confident in the fact that I know a process to work through on each site and that I know what I am listening for, then verifying by sight afterward. Thank you!

Hey guys, I just used the underwater mic for the first time in two brand new side-by-side fiberglass pools with 2 spill overs connecting them. Within 10 minutes of starting, we found 3 leaks! 2 at the spillovers, 1 at a light fixture. The owner kicked the first leak company off the property for not finding anything!

John Elvish, John's LeisureScapes, Ontario, Canada

I’ve been looking for an elusive leak in a vinyl liner pool for more than a year. I purchased the VILO, went back to the pool and found not just one leak, but two! One was behind the light and the other was a pinhole of a leak in the liner itself. The equipment paid for itself within a couple of weeks, a big difference using it compared to how I did it before. I couldn’t be happier, it’s well worth the investment.

Randy Lenz, Expert Pool & Spa, Peachtree City, GA

We’ve had the kit for about 3 weeks and my guys have found and repaired leaks in three pools since we got our kit! We’re extremely happy with the LeakTronics equipment and how it’s been a benefit to our leak detecting.

Heather Romano, Prism Pools & Spas, Onancock, VA

Just a quick note to say Thank You. I love my LeakTronics leak detection equipment. It was so easy to use that I was up and using it the day after I got it and when the FLASH Kit came out, I knew I had to have it. Now I’m the only one who’s able to pinpoint leaks underground from inside pipes in my area. Thank you for staying on top of technology and if there’s anyone who needs someone to tell them how great the equipment is, just send them my number. I’ll be more than happy to refer LeakTronics to anyone who calls… just as long as they’re not in my area.

We have been using more traditional equipment for finding leaks and had pretty good results, but there were always some we could not find.  One, in particular, gave us fits. We even brought another reputable leak detection company in, and after two hours they could not find it. We bought the Push Mic Complete Kit with the LT-1000 amplifier and literally within 10-15 minutes, we found the leak.  We then used the FLASH stick and pinpointed it within 1-2 inches.  While no single piece of equipment fits every situation, the Push Mic has become indispensable, a must on each of our leak detection trucks. The entire package of Leaktronics equipment has elevated our competency and our confidence. Thank you for your intense commitment to this field.  Your passion shows.

“You guys make a phenomenal product.”

Jim at Aqua Fun Pools Inc., in Big Bend and Sussex, Wisconsin, commenting on our VILO Vinyl Liner Complete Leak Detection Kit.

“Hello! I’m Steve from Full Circle Leak Detection in the Florida Keys. I have been doing leak detection for 35 years. Just got your Hand Held Video Pro 1.5 inch Camera for 1.5 plumbing. Absolutely love it.”

Steve Rothmel, Full Circle Leak Detection

“Thank you buddy I appreciate you I hope you’re doing awesome as well let me know the next show you’ll be going to I’d like to come to meet you in person I have been rocking and rolling I love your equipment.”

“Thanks for making everything easy on us. We love everything we have bought so far!”

“The Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit and PG-2: Pulse Generator are amazing. My team was able to locate a 2-inch pipe 200 feet away.”