VILO Vinyl Liner Complete Leak Detection Kit


Included in the VILO Add-On kit, you will receive:

  • The LT-1000 Amplifier: LeakTronics patented leak detection amplifier, designed to power all LeakTronics listening equipment
  • Classic Over Ear Headphones
  • The VILO Transmitter to distribute the voltage into the pool
  • The VILO Receiver to detect where voltage makes a ground
  • The Super Sensitive Floor Probe
  • The Super Sensitive Wall Probe
  • The Pool Scope for detecting leaks at protrusions
  • The Spot Mic
  • A Grounding Cable
  • A Copper Grounding Rod
  • Static Testing Cones
  • Durable Carrying Case
  • Complete Technical Manual, printable from the LeakTronics website
  • Unlimited Customer Support by Phone or Email
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

* A 5-Year Extended Warranty Can Be Added To This Item.


The VILO Complete Kit from LeakTronics:

Providing thorough and accurate leak detections in vinyl liner pools is made easy with the VILO Vinyl Liner Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. The VILO detects tears, pinholes and separations in vinyl liners with precision. The complete kit includes the LT-1000 Amplifier, square-voltage transmitter, 2 separate probes built with durable industrial cable and the highly sensitive Spot Mic for detecting leaks at drains, returns, lights and all protrusions and the Pool Scope hydrophone – the go-to hydrophone for all swimming pool leak detections.

Begin your leak detection with the Pool Scope and Spot Mic to listen at protrusions for water loss, then attach your transmitter to the included ground rod and put the float in the pool. The VILO’s technology puts a steady square-voltage charge throughout the entire pool, regardless of where you place the float. No strings, no weights. Just put the float in the water and start scanning the vinyl liner with the probes. The powerful square-voltage allows the VILO Transmitter to accurately locate a ground where water is leaking through the liner, transmitting an electronic pulse that you’ll hear with your LT-1000 amplifier. Make a notation of where the leak occurs and get ready to submit your bid for repairs.



Take a look at some Trouble-Shooting Techniques when using the VILO:



For more information, check out the User Testimonials.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 10 in
Extended Warranty Available

With Standard 2-Year Warranty: $2,964.50, Add 5-Year Extended Warranty: $3,129.50

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