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Plumber's Leak Detection KitWhen it comes to Plumbing Leak Detections, finding a leak starts with LeakTronics Plumber’s Leak Detection Equipment, and looking for access to make contact with pipes, and above all – listening!

LeakTronics professional plumbers leak detection equipment does just that by using new technology to get accurate detections with precise findings, wherever leaks are hiding.

Leaks in residential or commercial plumbing all share similar traits. The pressure of the water source pushing behind the leak is going to force the pipe to make a sound. This is a small amount of pressure, 8-12 pounds. When it’s in a copper or metal pipe, the sound radiates down the pipe and can be heard using a DeckPlate or a Pipe Probe. By touching pipes, stub-ups, angle stops and faucets through the property, a leak detection technician can hone in on the precise area of the leak and reduce the overall invasive techniques necessary to access the pipe and make repairs. With LeakTronics Plumbers Kit, accuracy is easy (pictured).

A leak detection starts where the water enters the property. A contractor will typically shut the water to the house and see if the street meter is showing any movement. if it is, this alerts the contractor to water escaping a pipe on the property between the meter and the domicile. It might be a house, an apartment building or a strip mall, but between the meter and where it enters the building, there’s water leaking out of a pipe.

If the meter doesn’t show movement, the contractor will re-open the valve, letting water into the building. With all faucets off, nothing running in the house, the meter should now show movement on its dial. This lets the contractor know there is a leak, and because the meter is now open to the house, they know it’s inside the building.

When finding leaks, the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit includes everything a contractor needs to identify leaks anywhere on the property. The DeckPlate finds leaks under concrete and solid surfaces, decking, floors and more. The Pipe Probe can hear leaks in metal and plastic pipes under soil, landscaping, aggregate and solid surfaces as well. When listening in plastic pipes, the contractor will use the Pressure Rig to inject bursts of air and water into the pipe, creating the sound of the leak that can be detected underground, through walls, floors or cabinetry.

Below you’ll see how using LeakTronics Pipe Probe, part of the Plumbing Leak Detection Kit, gets you hearing the leak, even at a distance. This includes touching the ultra-sensitive Pipe Probe, and the Pipe Probe Extension Rod, to various points of entry, including: shower valves, laundry valves, angle stops, stub-ups and areas where pipes reveal themselves. Add to that, LeakTronics Deck Plate, for listening under concrete slabs and below flooring. With these, even a whisper can be heard from a leaking pipe.

When connected to the LT1000 Headphone Amplifier, LeakTronics tools become even more sensitive to hearing sounds. As the ONLY Phantom Powered listening device available on the market, the LT1000 literally makes LeakTronics listening devices three times more sensitive than products by Sewerin, anything Anderson sells and truly more sensitive than any other listening devices on the market. Have a look!

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LeakTronics Plumbing Leak Detection Training has options for online training that includes hours of video instruction, on the job case studies, paperwork downloads to help run your business and marketing assistance to drive your business forward. Complete training packages include the equipment necessary to do the job and LeakTronics top tier customer service is always there to answer questions. Whether during training or on the job, if there’s an answer you need – just call LeakTronics and ask. With more than 30 years of providing professional plumbing leak detection services, founder Darren Merlob can help assess any situation and recommend the most effective methods to overcome any plumbing problems and to find any plumbing leaks. LeakTronic’s leak training curriculum’s are built for irrigation techs, HVAC technicians, and swimming pool leak detection professionals too.

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