Meet LeakTronics, we take pride in offering the industry’s best customer service.
Our customers know us by name and we make every stride to ensure that their needs are being met.

Darren Merlob

Meet Darren Merlob – Founder and CEO

Darren Merlob is the business founder, owner and inventor of LeakTronics and LeakTronics leak detection equipment. A pioneer in the swimming pool industry with more than 30 years of practical experiences, his frustration with outdated leak detection methods led Darren to develop the Leaktronics Leak Detection Kit for the Swimming Pool industry. Within a year of introducing his innovations to the pool industry, plumbers began inquiring about specialized products for plumbing outside of pools; in homes, municipal water works, industrial uses and more.

In 2010, Leaktronics began intensive research and testing of a new line of Plumbing Specific Products. Through invention and concept modification, Leaktronics developed the Plumber’s Complete Kit. The equipment inside the Plumber’s Kit have since become a key benefit to Plumbing, Irrigation, HVAC and Industrial Contractor Professionals.

Today, Darren’s tools continue to serve people around the world, including the Patented Torque Lock Structural Staple. The Torque Lock Staple and it’s method of application offers the only controlled post tension staple in the marketplace for securing structural cracks and has become the standard for structural crack repair worldwide.

Celia Wisliceny

Meet Celia Wisliceny – COO

Chief Operating Officer Celia brings more than 30 years experience in customer service. Celia and Darren attended High School together and began working together when they both (separately, and unknowingly) moved to Florida. Celia has been working with Darren since then and wears many hats in the company, from handling customer orders to keeping the machine shop stocked and making sure all ringing phones get answered.

Will Reyes

Meet Will Reyes – Project Lead

William has been working with LeakTronics for more than 7 years, with both product development, job site training and trade-show exhibitions. Multilingual, William can help navigate phone calls with our Spanish speaking friends and he maintains the shop floor with precise exactitude (is that a word?) If you’re using a Leaktronics tool, it’s had William’s finger prints on it at some point.

Adriel "Nacho" Ortiz

Meet Adriel “Nacho” Ortiz – Manufacturing

Nacho brings an authority in manufacturing and testing of everything we develop and manufacture at LeakTronics. He’s the first employee in the door in the morning and he’s usually in the shop trying different solutions to make things work. He assembles our kits, tests our products and is a valuable member of the research and development team.

Meet Kathryn Quintanilla – Office Manager

Kathryn is a native to Southern California and comes to LeakTronics with a college education in Business Behavioral Studies and Organizational Leadership. Kathryn handles Customer Service, In-House Inventory, International Purchasing and Logistics and Expediting. Her oversight on manufacturing quality helps to keep LeakTronics equipment the most accurate and well manufactured equipment in the industry.  Attention to detail helps Kathryn to keep things running smoothly and on-track.

Meet Wilson Gonzalez – Manufacturing

Wilson’s technical aptitude and manufacturing capabilities have made him a valuable member of the team in both building equipment and on job sites where we use it.

Meet Nour Bouchakra – Marketing and Communications Manager

Nour has a B.S. in Graphic Design and began her career working as a Graphic Designer. A couple of years later, she discovered her passion for marketing and decided to pursue her MBA. Nour oversees LeakTronics’ social media, specifically YouTube video creation as well as blog posts, website design and management, and outreach campaigns. She strives to grow the LeakTronics brand by analyzing customers’ needs which helps LeakTronics reach contractors worldwide who may benefit from the best leak detection equipment and convenient online training courses. Nour also helps with new product branding. Reach out to her if you have any questions about how you can improve your leak detection business marketing practices.