Pool Scope


The Number One Piece of Equipment In The Leak Detection Technicians Arsenal Of Tools:

LeakTronics Pool Scope covers all general listening with superior sensitivity over other industry tools. The Pool Scope is used by professionals to find leaks in pipes, main drains, return lines, skimmer lines, along structural cracks, tile lines, cold joints and more.


The PoolScope is the number one piece of equipment for finding leaks in swimming pools. Just Drop The Mic In The Pool! Its extreme sensitivity picks up the sounds of leaks from anywhere throughout the pool shell, and even from behind pool walls. You can listen to a pressurized trunk line feet behind the pool wall from inside the pool shell itself. Don’t start a leak detection with a wetsuit and flippers, professionals start with the PoolScope. Maneuver the PoolScope through the pool’s water and you will hear where water is escaping with ease.

With a pool filled and equipment off, the sound made from the weight of the water pushing out on a crack, crevasse or hole makes a sound. Its like a freight train – whoosh! You’ll easily hear those sounds using the PoolScope. From feet away you can start hearing the water move through cracks or breaks and when you get the mic within inches of the leak, it’s impossible not to notice. You’ll hone in on leaks and accurately identify where water is escaping.

Because the PoolScope has weight built into its design, it is easy to control where you are listening. Drop the mic to the bottom of the pool and drag it up onto main drain covers, along structural cracking and areas with delamination. If water is escaping, you’ll hear the whooshing sound it makes. Dangle the scope in front of lights and return fittings, side suctions and ports throughout the pool, along tile lines and cold joints. Control where it is positioned for listening by simply using the cable. Drop it in the skimmer bucket and listen over front and back ports, listen around light niches and even at the center of the light to identify conduit leaks behind the light.

The PoolScope comes standard in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and the Pro Kit. It plugs directly into the LT-1000 using a phantom powered XLR plug, like all of Leaktronics listening equipment.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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