Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit


The Plumbers Leak Detection Kit includes:

  • The LT-1000 Amplifier: LeakTronics patented leak detection amplifier, designed to power all LeakTronics listening equipment.
  • The Multi-Purpose Pipe Probe: For listening under the soil, aggregate, and directly on pipes. The Probe is a rugged yet ergonomic tool designed to locate standard pressure or pressurized leaks in grass, rocks, or any type of porous material.
  • The Soft-Sided Listening Disc: For getting to hard-to-reach locations and on delicate surfaces. Combined with the Pressure rig, pinpointing a leak is easy.
  • The Deck Plate: With advanced noise filtering technology for pinpointing leaks through concrete, brick or any other solid surface upwards of 5 feet and more.
  • Over Ear Noise Reducing Headphones are provided with each kit.
  • A rugged carrying case with a soft-sided interior provides superior protection for all of your components.
  • The Pressure Rig and Compression Plugs are used to test pressure in a line using water, air, or both.  It allows the mixture of both water and air to create a distinct boiling sound at the leak.  The Pressure Rig includes an assortment of compression plugs.  HVAC contractors use the pressure rig with air only to produce a hissing sound at the source of the leak.  The compression rig can be used on PVC, Copper, PEX, Galvanized, Poly, or any type of old concrete or clay pipe.
  • A Pressure Drop Gauge
  • Plumbers Kit Technical Manual (PDF)
  • Unlimited Customer Support or 5-Year Extended Warranty
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty


The Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit

Launching a career in Plumbing Leak Detection or adding leak detection services to an established business happens when you use the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit. The equipment in the Plumbers Kit is specifically designed for accurate and precision leak locating, anywhere on your customer’s property. Keep your leak detection work in-house and convert those leak detections into paid repair work. Perform an end to end leak detection using the Plumbers Kit and provide all the services your customers need.

The equipment in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit centers around the LT-1000 Amplifier. This phantom powered device delivers accurate listening capabilities and powers all the listening technologies you’ll find in the Plumbers Kit.

Start your leak detection at the meter. If the meter spins with nothing running on the property, you’ve got a leak. Shut the water main to the house. If the meter is still spinning, the leak is between the meter and the house – though a leak may still exist in the house itself. If it’s not – the leak is further back on the property, in the house. This is where your Plumbers Kit will work to provide pinpoint leak detection.

The Soil/Pipe Probe is the go-to piece of gear in the Plumbers Kit. Use it to listen along plumbing lines around the house, under grass, landscaping and aggregate, soil and soft areas. It also includes a 3-inch listening disc to detect leaks through solid surfaces and compacted soil.

The Deck Plate offers a wide listening surface for detection through concrete, brick, stone, wooden floors and raised foundations, tile and solid slabs. Listen upwards of 5 feet or more through solid surfaces for the sound of leaks underground.

The Soft-Sided Listening Disc resembles a gentle stethoscope in your hand. Avoid potential damage, scratch marks or scuff marks when listening behind tile, cabinetry, wood or delicate surfaces. The Soft-Sided Listening Disc packs the power of the Deck Plate, but offers worry-free contact when touching on delicate surfaces.

Also in the Plumbers Kit is a Pressure Rig and Pressure Drop Test Gauge. When you pressure test pipes, or inject air and water into a pipe to create a boiling sound at the leak, this equipment will hold that pressure and deliver accurate results. Use the Soil/Pipe Probe or Deck Plate to accurately locate leaks.





Optional Add-on Items


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in
Extended Warranty Available

With Standard 2-Year Warranty $3,569.50, Add 5-Year Extended Warranty: $3,734.50

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