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LeakTronics Deck Plate with advanced noise filtering technology makes listening through concrete, brick, rock or any other solid surface simple. The Deck Plate is powered by the LT1000 Amplifier that comes standard in every complete LeakTronics kit.

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The Deck Plate Add-On also includes:

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Unlimited Technical Support


The DeckPlate is an integral part of what makes LeakTronics Pro Complete and Plumbers Leak Detection Kits truly complete kits. Pipes and Plumbing run under slabs, under lawns, under houses and patios and decking. Whether under pressure from their water source or from being pressurized by a technician – they are going to produce a clear and distinct noise from where they leak. With a DeckPlate, you’re going to hear it, regardless of what it’s under.

LeakTronics research and development team has made advancements in noise technology and have created the perfect device for listening through solid surfaces. The DeckPlate offers direct surface contact across the entire surface of the plate. Without rubber rings or prongs to raise the DeckPlate off the solid surface you’re listening through – the entire plate listens. While either of the two DeckPlates will serve a technicians needs, their size difference is designed to work ergonomically with the situation they are in.

For Pool Work, the smaller DeckPlate listens under concrete decks, walkways, hard dirt, even plaster and brick. The smaller size of the plate means getting between coping and deck edges, along water features, even in empty fountains is made easier because the smaller diameter can fit inside those smaller spaces.

For Plumbers, the larger DeckPlate covers more area, like floors in a residence or commercial lot, larger slab areas like parking lots and driveways and on raised foundations when pipes run above the slab but under a floor itself. Plumbers can listen along pipes under concrete and tar surfaces, sidewalks and driveways, slabs and foundations, brick, tile or wood flooring, parking lots and patios, sidewalks more. The DeckPlate is made to get ears through solid surfaces.

Because the DeckPlate connects with a phantom powered XLR plug, like all Leaktronics equipment, the LT-1000 Amplifier in any of your kits (Plumbers Kit, Pro Complete, Pro Kit, etc) with allow the DeckPlate to work fluently with your gear. It’s the perfect device for listening sub-surface. Add it to your arsenal of equipment today.

In the video below, we use the DeckPlate in the Pro Complete Kit to listen to a leaking spa jet line.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

Standard 4", Oversized 8"

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