Warranty LT-1000



The facts are that sometimes equipment gets damaged. You have to keep working! LeakTronics offers an Extended 5-Year Warranty on select kits and equipment in the LeakTronics Catalog. The standard 2-Year warranty covers manufacturing errors and equipment that stops working by our fault, the 5-Year Warranty covers your equipment if you run it over, drop it to the bottom of the pool or yank it out of a pipe and take the head off your mic. With a 5-Year Warranty, you’re covered for everything! It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay shipping on repairs and replacements both ways.

5-Year Extended Warranty Purchase Can Be Applied Individually to:

  • The Pro Kit
  • The Pro Complete Kit
  • The VILO Vinyl Liner Kit
  • The Irrigation Kit
  • The Plumbers Kit
  • The PG-2 Complete
  • The FLASH and FLASH Add-On
  • The Push Mic Complete and Push Mic Add-On

LeakTronics equipment carries a standard 2-Year Repair Warranty. The purchase of the Extended Warranty for an individual item, i.e. – a kit, or a specific device, will extend the length of the repair warranty to 5 years from date of purchase.

To add the Extended Warranty to a specific item, at purchase, choose the option to add the extended warranty in the drop-down box before adding the item to your cart. Extended warranties cannot be applied to already purchased items. The addition of the Extended Warranty must be applied at the time of purchase. For more details, call 818-436-2953.

Terms of LeakTronics 5-Year Extended Warranty

Throughout these Terms , the words “we”, “us” and “our” refer to LeakTronics. LeakTronics is the Obligor and Administrator of this Plan. Contact LeakTronics directly with any questions.

“Obligor and Administrator” means the party responsible for claims made in respect of the Covered

1. The Plan. These terms and conditions of this service contract (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the hardware the warranty is applied to and, if applicable, accidental damage from handling coverage we will provide you under the above-mentioned plans (each referred to herein as a “Plan”) for the product identified on your purchase receipt as having coverage under a Plan (“Covered Product”). The Covered Product shall include any accessories included in the original packaging. These Terms and Conditions describe the coverage under each type of Plan (“Coverage”).

2. When Your Plan Begins and Ends. Your Plan begins on the later of (i) the date you purchase this Plan, (ii) the date your original Covered Product is shipped from our store or warehouse, if applicable, or (iii) on the date you pick-up your Covered Product from us if ordered  over the phone and local pick-up is arranged.

The “Coverage Period” under your Plan will end five years from the date on which it started.

3. Ex-“plan”-ation of extended warranty coverage plan:

This Plan includes repair/replacement service from accidental damage from normal product use.

4. What is Covered?

The items as delivered in the package from your initial purchase.

The process of repair or replacement of damaged products includes delivering the damaged product to LeakTronics for repair. Standard turn-around time is 24-48 hours, depending on the severity of damage and need for repair. It is advised you contact LeakTronics directly before shipping product to us. The process will include printing a Repair Request Form from the LeakTronics website and including said form in the box shipped to LeakTronics at the address printed on the form. Include a description of the issue, your return address and any other pertinent information you feel we should know to best expedite the repair process. It is your responsibility to cover shipping costs both ways.

Ship to: LeakTronics
28438 Roadside Drive
Unit 1
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
CAll: 818-436-2953
Email: info@leaktronics.com

5. What’s Not Covered?

In addition to any other Coverage and Product-specific exclusions identified above, claims and Coverage under this Plan will be denied in the following situations:

a. Cosmetic damage (e.g., scratches, tears, dents and broken casing) that does not otherwise affect or impede its functionality or materially impair its use;
b. Theft, misplacement, reckless, abusive, willful, or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the Covered Product;
c. Faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than a LeakTronics employee.
e. Damage to or failure of upgrades or add-on accessories that were purchased separately from the Covered Product.
f. This Plan only applies to originally purchased items with warranty applied that are returned in their entirety.

Repairing your Covered Product will be at our sole discretion to be returned as new, refurbished or reconditioned.

– This extended warranty does not include the refund of your original purchase.
– Service where we do not require return of the replaced product or part. We may ship you a replacement product, under rare circumstances.
– We are not responsible for any labor costs you incur in respect to repair or replacement of damaged products.
– We reserve the right to change the method by which we may provide repair or replacement service to you, and your Covered Product’s eligibility to receive a particular method of service.
– We may call or email you at any phone number that you provide us (including any mobile number) to inform you about the status of your support or service or if your internet connection is dropped.

6. Your Responsibilities. To receive service or support under the Plan, you agree to comply with each of the terms listed below.
–  You will provide information about the symptoms and causes of the issues with the Covered Product.
– You will respond to requests for information, including but not limited to the Covered Product order number, item description or purchase date, name item was purchased under, company item was purchased under or date of purchase.
– You will follow instructions we give you, including but not limited to refraining from sending us products and accessories that are not subject to repair or replacement service and packing the Covered Product in accordance with shipping instructions.

There is no transference of this plan between purchased items, or to products purchased from a former owner who was under warranty. If ownership of the Covered Product has changed and/or the responsibility for the Plan has changed, extended warranty becomes null and void.

Now, in general layman’s terms:

You paid for the extended 5-year warranty. You broke it. Put it in a box and send it to use with the Repair Request Form printed off the LeakTronics website and we will ship it back repaired. Call for more details: 818-436-2953.