The PG-2 Complete: Line Locator Kit


The Pulse Generator Complete with Listening Equipment.

The PG-2 Complete Includes:

It’s everything you need to locate any pipe, wherever it lays.

* Already have listening equipment? Click here to order the PG-2 stand alone device.

* A 5-Year Extended Warranty Can Be Added To This Item.


The PG-2 Pulse Generator is the perfect piece of equipment for mapping and tracing lines – wherever they lay. The device is rechargeable using a standard USB cable (included) and can be charged on the fly using the USB plug standard in most modern vehicles, just in case. Using the included listening device, the SoilProbe, you’re able to hear where pipes resonate and mark the location of pipes and plumbing. This means when you’re’ ready to listen for leaks, you will know exactly where you’re listening to get the job done fast and effectively. The PG-2 Complete comes with the Soil Probe and the LT-1000 Amplifier with proprietary LeakTronics listening technology.

Simply attach the PG-2 to any active spigot on the line, or adapt it to a pool return with a stand pipe or to a plumbing line you’ve cut. See the video below on how the PG-2 emits a gentle and easily audible pulse through the entire line, and any lines connected to the line. By using the fluid in the line, the pulse radiates for literally thousands of feet. Starting at the PG-2 and listening away from the spigot, you are able to trace where pipes and plumbing lay and flag them for testing.

For Irrigation Professionals, the PG-2 becomes your best tool for finding lines. Throughout landscaping, under large areas such as golf courses and sports fields and large lots. You’ll find where those pipes go and minimize the time spent just trying to get to the pipes so you can get the job done.

For Plumbers, pipes never run direct from the meter to the house. In some regions, they run uphill, downhill, between rocks and under streets before getting to the shut off valve on the house. Find the pipes you’ll work on using the pulse of the PG-2 and listen to where they are before you start digging around, hoping to find it.

Pool professionals use the PG-2 to find trunk lines, jet lines, water lines that run to and around pools and under landscapes to other water features. It’s valuable tool for reducing invasive digging and wasting time guessing where the line you are listening to runs.

Under concrete, soil, landscaping flooring, patios – wherever the pipe is, the gentle pulse from the PG-2 can be heard throughout the entire line and with any amount of water pressure. Low flow, high flow – just attach the Pulse Generator to the line and start listening. Mapping and tracing pipes has never been easier than it is using the newest technology from LeakTronics. It’s the evolution of pipe locating.

Using the PG-2 to find a buried Line:



Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 10 in
Extended Warranty Available

With Standard 2-Year Warranty: $2,130, With 5-Year Extended Warranty: $2,280

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