The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit

Large scale property managers, like golf course maintenance, resort and condominium complex management and sports field supervisors have a world of irrigation pipes and plumbing to keep operational and to keep their turf green. Equipment runs daily, nightly and for the most part – consistently. Over time, long term operation alone is enough to cause leaks, but there’s so much more. For this, LeakTronics created the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit.

Golf carts running over sprinkler heads, and applying pressure to underground pipes causes leaking, pipe separation, splits and fractures. Take a broken pipe that goes unnoticed and gets filled with dirt. The pressure from those back-ups can cause catastrophic joint separation and pipe bursts in multiple places leading up the that point in the line, and closing a section of a golf course to dig for repairs is a bad day for everyone.

When resorts and condominium complex management rely on fresh green laws, vibrant flowerbeds and radiant landscaping to sell their properties, watering the lush flora and turf is key. That often takes what seems like miles of pipe and means miles of potential for leaks.

Regardless of the place where irrigation lines run, it’s most often a game of discovery to find those lines so you can perform the leak detection accurately, and make repairs fast. The less digging maintenance has to do, the less cost is incurred and the less attendees have to witness repairs being made. This is why LeakTronics created the equipment in the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit. It is specifically designed with precision, accuracy and speed in mind.

The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics allows the user to find where pipes lay underground without digging. It aids in speedy detection of leaks and lets maintenance get to the exact area of repair so leaks can be found non-invasively and the required function of the irrigation system stays online.

LeakTronics is the leading manufacturer of leak detection listening equipment in the market. With highly sensitive gear, professionals are able to hear the sounds of leaks underground and with precise detection, they can make repairs where the leaks happen.

The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit, like all LeakTronics Leak Detection Kits, is centered around the LT-1000 Amplifier. This patented amplifier uses just 2-AA batteries to operate all LeakTronics listening equipment. It has both adjustable audibility and a visual metering technology to both see and hear where leaks occur. It’s phantom power increases the listening power of all LeakTronics equipment and is the only amplifier in the market that uses phantom power to boost the potential of the equipment it is attached to.

In the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit, users will find the Soil Probe. This ergonomically designed tool has been created for ease of use with extreme listening capabilities. The hand-held device offers a pointed tip for lightly piercing the surface of the ground where pipes lay. This reduces handling noise. The Soil Probe can identify the sounds of leaks upwards of 6 feet or more in buried pipes and plumbing. With the removable tip comes a 3-inch listening disc, letting users listen through solid surfaces, such as cart paths, sidewalks, driveways, patios and even flooring. At its full extension, the probe can be used without stooping or bending as the contractor listens along pipes to identify where the leak sound is emanating from. When assembled with the probe at its shortest length, users can touch on pipes and plumbing that run through or under tight spaces, picking up on the vibrational sounds that move through pipes.

The included Pressure Rig lets users pressure test lines and use bursts of air and water in the pipe to create the sounds of leaks. Where PVC and plastic pipes won’t transfer sound like metal pipes do, users can inject air and water into an isolated line and make a boiling noise that is easily identifiable when listening with the Soil Probe. Where the leak resolves at the loudest point, the user has accurately identified the area in need of repair. This non-invasive technique allows users to find leaks without unnecessary digging and turf damage.

Often, maintenance crews are looking for leaks in lines that they haven’t identified the location of. The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit shines in this regard with the inclusion of the PG-2 Pulse Generator. When attached to a line, the PG-2 sends a gentle and easily audible pulse through the fluid in the pipe and any lines attached to it. Using the Soil Probe, contractors can easily map and trace the location of lines underground. Flagging their location, the contractor can easily listen along lines when pressure testing while avoiding digging to locate pipes.

LeakTronics Irrigation Leak Detection Kit has been designed to fill the needs of professional Irrigation Maintenance Contractors. With the tools required to identify where lines run underground, and to accurately locate where leaks occur in PVC, plastic and metal lines, wherever they are. Providing the non-invasive equipment and techniques that get the job done fast and effectively, with the least amount of digging to get to repairs, LeakTronics delivers direct to door with same day shipping on orders placed before noon, Pacific Coast Time.

All LeakTronics equipment comes with a 2 year repair warranty and unlimited customer support to help find leaks, even when you’re on the job. See more videos on using LeakTronics professional Leak Detection Equipment on the brand YouTube page, or throughout their website.

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