Atyia of Think Pink Construction had several conversations with our office staff regarding swimming pool leak detections.  We discussed which direction she was taking her company in as she conveyed how other companies are unreliable and unable to find the leaks.  Atyia decided to extend her company’s services to include swimming pool leak detections.  A concern for Atyia is that she is located in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  We reassured her that we will be able to provide technical support as leak locating is new territory for her.

Atyia, like many other contractors, believed that leak locating was incredibly difficult and impossible to do.  We explained our method of locating leaks and the different kits we have.  Atyia decided to go with the kit we recommended to best suit her needs.  Shortly thereafter, she made a number of calls to our office when she needed technical support.  Ultimately, Atyia made the choice and went with our Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course in addition to our technical support system.

LeakTronics customer support, pool leak detection equipment and training courses are simply the best in the industry.
Atyia completed the course and began performing leak detections. Still not quite confident, Atyia picked up the phone and reached out to us. We reassured her that we would be there for her if the time came, which it did shortly thereafter.  A job where the leak was so elusive that other contractors failed to find it. Atyia called our office before her appointment. She wanted to go over some items learned in the course and in the order they should be performed.

A few hours later, we received a follow up call from Atyia who was elated that she found the leak!  Employing our methods and using LeakTronics state of the art leak detection equipment is what got the job done. Congratulations Atyia!!