Wondering how to make extra money during the off season?  We have an idea for you.  Now is the best time for you to learn the art of locating leaks by taking one of our Leak Detection Training Courses. Our convenient online courses include leak detection training for the Swimming Pool, Plumbing and Irrigation Industries. To go a step further, if you choose our Swimming Pool Inspection with Leak Detection Training Course, you will get access to inspection information for key federal safety standards. Having access to this information helps to ensure a pool is safe and meets recommended guidelines. 

LeakTronics offers multiple leak detection training courses:

Based on the testimonials of thousands of contractors and professionals, our leak detection training courses will help take your career to another level. Leak detection services are always in high demand.  We provide you with extensive details on how to apply your learned skills for your business.  Learn how you can become a certified leak detection professional in as little as one week! 

Access to additional resources and expert instruction on how to use our leak detection equipment is paramount. You will also learn how to use marketing to grow your business. At LeakTronics, we want to help you learn how to find leaks easily and accurately. Our products are cutting-edge, effective, and the quickest technology in the world.

In addition, we offer a variety of hydrophones built to address specific concerns and conditions. First, the Pool Scope finds leaks throughout the pool shell, around fittings, skimmer seams, main drains, etc. Second, the Pipe Mic which is smaller but with the same sensitivity as the PoolScope and helps to pinpoint leaks in return lines, skimmers and pipes underground.

Our Multi Purpose Pipe Probe is designed for listening under soil and landscape areas without destruction.  This component is widely used in the Plumbing, Irrigation and Swimming Pool industries.  With  interchangeable tips, the PipeProbe gets you into tighter spaces where the DeckPlate can’t go.

Learn about LeakTronics leak detection equipment for pools, spas, plumbing and irrigation and learn about training options to add leak detection services to your business today by visiting https://leaktronics.com or calling 818-436-2953 for more information.