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The Power of the Pipe Mic

LeakTronics Pipe Mic offers the ultimate in sensitivity when listening for leaks within pool plumbing. It fits in pipes as small as 1 inch and offers omni-directional listening capability. Listen in pools and spas to precisely identify the location of leaks in plumbing and pipes, main drains, return lines, skimmer lines, spa jets, slot drains and more.

The Pipe Mic is powered by the LT1000 and comes standard in the Pro Kit and Pro Complete Kit.


The Pipe Mic by LeakTronics offers leak detection contractors extreme listening capability inside of pipes. With it’s omni-directional listening capabilities, it will hear the precise location of a crack, break or pinhole in a line without question. With its small size, it can traverse through 1-inch lines and up and its non-weighted head allows for easy control when getting inside a line.

Skimmers, return fittings and jet lines are prime locations for pipe leaks. As experience has proven, 95% of leaks in a pool are within a 3-foot radius of the pool shell. Getting inside those suspect areas where we have heard leaks using our Pool Scope, we can listen back into a line and hear a leak at its loudest point. We pinch the cable between our thumb and index finger and withdraw the mic from the pipe. When we lay the mic cable down on the deck, we know the exact distance into the pipe where we heard the leak at its loudest point. This is the area where we’ll make repairs.

When listening over skimmer ports with our Pool Scope and hearing the sound of a leak, we can get closer to the sounds we hear by inserting the Pipe Mic into the skimmer port. Accuracy on detecting leaks in pipes reduces the invasive steps necessary to repair breaks and reduces time and the cost spent to get the job done right.

In spas, where plumbing lines run in indeterminate directions, having a small mic to listen in lines is necessary. When getting into water features, slot drains, scum gutters and areas where space is limited, the smaller head of the Pipe Mic becomes the necessary piece of equipment for getting the job done right.

The Pipe Mic comes standard in the Pro Complete Kit and Pro Kit. Hear the sound of a leak found with the Pipe Mic in the video below.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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