Surge Tanks come in all shapes and sizes and like pools, they leak. We see it all the time, and when we perform leak detections, we treat them just like a pool or spa. We fill them and use LeakTronics hydrophones to listen at all protrusions and cracks and areas subject to leaks. As not all of them are the same, there is often more work involved to find the leaks, but it isn’t hard, it just requires diligence and the right equipment.

Al you’ll see in the video, using the equipment in LeakTronics Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, we accurately identify what’s leaking, where, and what needs repair; saving time and money to get the job done right. LeakTronics hydrophones are able to be dropped into the tank, almost immediately picking up on the noise made from water escaping the tank. leaks at fittings or in the shell of the tank are glaringly obvious when the pressure of the water in the tank is pushing through a crack. Fill the tank, drop in the mic and listen for the leak, it’s that easy.

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