When pools get built, some builders entomb the pools plumbing in the walls, which causes all sorts of issues down the road. As a better alternative, pipes can and should be run outside of the concrete, in the dirt. To start, the extreme heat of the concrete can cause melting of pipes, and repair involves chipping out the wall of the pool, which thoroughly compromises the structure. It’s a lose/lose situation for builders, owners, contractors, leak detection technicians and repair guys. Just a break or separation in the pipe can mean taking out entire sections of the pool wall to make repairs, and this can include actually chipping through the entire structure, either accidentally or purposefully to make repairs – in any instance, it isn’t a good situation.

For the best of all situations, bury your pies in the dirt! When the pipes leak, and eventually it is likely whey will, leak detection and repair is going to have a costly nightmare for the homeowner. Either in the dirt or the concrete, leak detection technicians will hear the leak either way using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and the methods of leak detection taught by LeakTronics, but when it does come to repair, it’s a much better day to repair them when you just have to dig through dirt and you don’t have to break into the shell.

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