Customers often have limited resources to call on when they discover leaks and being able to provide fast and accurate service to handle longer lists of customer calls is necessary for service providers. Nobody wants to spend more time than they need to in order to find leaks with pinpoint accuracy and to make repairs. This is why Franchise Owners Are Turning To LeakTronics To Get Paid.

We have had a hard time keeping up,” Ron Edellson tells us while working for American Leak Detection. “After the freeze last winter, we had a backlog of up to 6 weeks to get to some customers. We’re the only available service provider in some areas and we find we have to travel up to 60 miles or more to handle a customer’s call. The last thing we want is to have to come back the next day to find a pesky leak, and we trust that with our LeakTronics equipment, we’ll find it in a couple hours or less, we always do.

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With LeakTronics equipment, leak detection professionals in the pool, plumbing and irrigation industries have what they need to accurately identify where water loss occurs. As an addition to equipment Franchise Owners may already own, the powerful and sensitive sub-surface listening equipment in LeakTronics Pool and Plumbing Kits finds leaks in buried pipes upward of 6 feet and more underground. Using the methods LeakTronics instructs in the online leak detection training and certification programs, service providers can find leaks in record time and make repairs right at the leak itself, without unnecessary digging or cost to the customer.

For swimming pools, LeakTronics hydrophones are the industry standard for finding leaks throughout the entire pool shell without diving. Just drop the mic and start to listen. LeakTronics Spot Mic puts users on top of leaks even at the main drain in a pool and assesses the need for repairs, wherever the leaks occur.

We run a ServPro and my brother has a Roto-Rooter,” shares Steve at Apache Repairs. “We bought the training programs with equipment from LeakTronics and trained 15 people between our two shops. Every work truck has a Plumbers Kit and a Pro complete Kit; 11 trucks between the two shops, and we handle every customer call before they have a chance to call the other guys. We get in, we find the leaks and we get paid for repairs, leaving customers happy and leaks gone. We’ve run our business for 30 years, we wouldn’t be running it with this kind of growth and success if we hand’t chosen LeakTronics.”

Franchise operators often have a heavier workload and wider radius of operation and time spent on a job is important. Wasted hours searching for leaks can mean return trips and hours lost. That affects the bottom line, frustrates customers and simply costs money. Time is money when you’re on the job, with sensitive listening equipment and the best methods for finding leaks, no time is wasted. Leaks are found fast and service providers are on to the next job.

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