Pressure Test Kit From LeakTronics


LeakTronics Pressure Test Kit includes:

  • Pressure Rig with Controllable Air and Water Valves
  • One (1) 1.5 Inch Injection Plug
  • One (1) 2 Inch Injection Plug
  • Four (4) 1.5 Inch Compression Plugs
  • Four (4) 2 Inch Compression Plugs
  • Instructions


LeakTronics delivers a Pressure Testing Kit that includes the Pressure Rig the professionals use in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit.

Using the included Injection Rig and an assortment of plugs that allow you to isolate the pipe you’re going to test, you can set up and prepare to get the job done in minutes. it comes in a convenient water resistant carry bag to keep your tools together.

When we pressure test a pipe, we do it with water only, as seen in the video below. By isolating the pipe and injecting 7 – 10 lbs. of water in the pipe, we can watch the pressure gauge and see the rate at which it is losing water. If it isn’t dropping on the gauge, GREAT, but if it is, we follow up with our listening equipment and a different method to find the leak.

When we pressure test and find a line leaking, we keep the line isolated and inject both air and water into the line. For a return line on a pool, with the pipe full of water at 7 to 10 lbs of pressure, we inject bursts of air into the line from its lowest point. If the equipment is higher than the pool, we would inject into a return in the pool – being the lowest point of the line. Working back from the equipment, we listen along the line with our Soil Probe or DeckPlate, listening for the boiling sound made by the air escaping the line through the crack. this method, and the sensitive listening equipment from LeakTronics, allows us to be precise and accurately locate the area where the pipe needs repair. it is the most non-invasive method for finding the leak and preparing for repair.

See a video below on Proper Pressure Testing Techniques using the Pressure Test Kit.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in

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