Find buried lines and the leaks in them with ease using the equipment in the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. The equipment in the Irrigation Kit is designed specifically for finding buried lines and identifying the leaks in them with supreme accuracy.

The Pulse Generator (the PG-2) found in the irrigation Kit, puts a gentle and easily audible pulse throughout the line and lets technicians locate that line using the Soil Probe, also included in the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit. Wherever buried lines run, by attaching the PG-2 to that line and administering the gentle pulse into the line radiates that pulse through the entire line, and any branches that extend from it. This allows technicians to flag and mark where lines lay for fast and accurate leak locating.

To find the leaks in the lines the technician has identified is also easy. By applying a slight pressure to the line and injecting air through an isolated pipe, the boiling sound made when the air escapes through the leak can be heard using the Soil probe. with it’s ergonomic design, the user simply walks the areas previously marked and follows the pipe, listening for the noise. At it’s loudest point, the user knows where to dig to make repairs – job done.

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