LeakTronics Spot Mic is the latest advancement in leak detection technology, with accurate listening capability and superior control and handling. The Spot Mic puts the user exactly where they want to be, every time.

LeakTronics equipment is prized for it’s pinpoint accuracy in detecting leaks. The Pool Scope is the industry standard for hearing leaks throughout the entire pool shell and professionals around the world rely on the precision capabilities it provides on jobs they do every day. To further the ease of use and potential for accuracy in a professionals hands, LeakTronics has put that listening technology into the Spot Mic; a hydrophone that attaches to the end of a standard pool pole and allows the user to direct it’s listening potential anywhere in the pool.

Like all of LeakTronics listening equipment, the Spot Mic plugs directly into the LT-1000 Amplifier using it’s XLR plug and phantom powered technology. When attached to the end of a pool pole, the Spot Mic offers accurate listening at drains, structural cracks, along tile lines and even around vinyl liners. Listen at all protrusions with extreme accuracy and move throughout the pool while putting the mic right where you want it.

The Spot Mic is the perfect addition to any Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit manufactured by LeakTronics and can be ordered directly as an add-on today. Click Here to see the awesome power and maneuverability fo the Spot Mic and grow your arsenal of gear with the equipment professionals use to find leaks fast and get paid.

For more information on the equipment and training that professionals around the world use every day to find customer’s leaks and to successfully operate their leak detection businesses, call 818-436-2953 today. Visit https://leaktronics.com to see the full line of leak detection equipment for the swimming pool, plumbing and irrigation industries.