With the right equipment and training, your employees are going to handle every issue a customer has, and be able to answer any question about their leaks with precision and accuracy like Rock Stars – and they’ll do it fast! Are they doing it for you?

We got a call from Stephen, a pool service and repair tech, who was working on a pool and had one of our cameras. When he called, he wanted to know how to get results using the camera and methods we’ve shown in our videos.

Stephen asked, “How do I get the bubbles to show in a stream with the vacuum? I’m not seeing them like your CamVac video.”

I asked about how he had the equipment set-up and if he had a proper seal on the returns he was working with. Here’s what he told me:

“I have a shop vac attached to one end of the pipe and I stuffed some rags into the other end to try and make a seal but the stream of bubbles isn’t showing in the pipe.”

I responded, “So essentially, you aren’t using our equipment or the actual methods we instruct, but you’re still expecting the same results?” He said yes, I shook my head. He had the idea right, but he was trying to fly an airplane while sitting in a rowboat. It isn’t going to work.

Then Stephen asked, “When I listen for the leak under the deck in the pipe, I’m not hearing it. How far can I hear below the patio?”

I asked if he had the Deck Plate, because 6 feet and even more isn’t a problem when you create the sound of a leak using a combination of air and water in the pipe.

He told me, “I’m using a stethoscope, like the kind a doctor would use to hear a babies heartbeat. My boss says it should be sensitive enough.”

Try and wrap your head around this. He’s trying to find leaks using equipment designed for a medical office. He’s stuffing rags into the end of pipes to try and seal them. He’s literally trying to get the results professionals get but he’s using band-aid measures, hopes and dreams that he’ll find a leak.

I asked Stephen why he was doing this and his answer was, “My boss won’t spend the money to get the right equipment.”

ShopVac: $120
Assorted Rags: $10
3 Days on the job not finding the leak: $750

$880 later, still hasn’t found the leak. On the other hand:

CamVac: $680
Leak found in ten minutes, job done, payment for services received.

I said to Stephen, “It sounds to me like he spent more than he had to and you still aren’t getting paid by the customer because you have no idea where the leak is in the pipe.”

Frustrated, Stephen asked if there was anything he could do to get through the job and we helped him out the best we could before the end of the call.

The next day, Stephen called, placed an order for a Pro Complete Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit, enrolled in the online training and today, he works for himself finding the leaks his former company couldn’t. lt was simply the frustration of trying to do jobs the wrong way that made him a rock star who does the job right. It was his former boss’ failure to do things right that made him the rock star leak detector he is today.

You’re going to make a hero out of your employees with simple decisions. Give them the tools to do the job right for your customers or like Stephen, they’ll find a way without you. Train and equip your staff to kill it on the job with the most accurate and easy to use leak detection equipment on the market, and have the training and support they need to get the job done with precision.

LeakTronics Swimming Pool Leak Detection certification Program, including the Pro Complete Kit, is available here: TRAINING

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