A UK based leak detector new to LeakTronics reached out to tell us about his first experience after receiving his Pro Complete Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit. He shares:

Hello Darren, I received my parcel all intact and I’m over the moon with it. Fantastic quality and performance, in literally just 2 minutes and I had found my first leak with the Pool Scope, I’m sure we will do future business,

Scott Wallis

We really like these letters when new users have performed their first job using our equipment. LeakTronics Pro Complete Kit includes everything a user needs to identify leaks in pools and spas with supreme accuracy and in a short time – as in Scott’s case, 2 minutes.

The Pool Scope is a highly sensitive hydrophone designed to lead the user to the precise location of a leak by listening for the distinct sound made by pressure pushing out of a leak. The weight of water causes cracks, holes and separations to scream, literally announcing “Here We Are!” When plugged into the LT-1000 Amplifier, with LeakTronics proprietary Phantom Powered Technology, finding leaks is easy. Just drop the mic in the pool and start listening.

Now, understand that not every leak detection happens in two minutes. It’s advised that even when you hear that leak, you should keep listening throughout the entire shell, at returns and fittings, on drains, cracks and previous repair work where maybe epoxies have been placed. All of these areas are subject to leaking and should be listened to.

Our Online Training Program offers an intrinsic look into the art of leak detection and walks users through the most effective methods of leak detection using the Pro Complete Kit; but it also talks about the things you’ll find outside of hearing leaks. There could be other issues, like check valves, autofill floats, equipment issues, user errors – there are a lot of reasons a customer might suspect their pool is leaking and our training program reviews all potentials to help you find leaks fast, and with pinpoint precision. If you haven’t heard a leak in 45 minutes, there is a good chance the pool just isn’t leaking and other factors are at play. learning about this enhances your ability to operate a successful leak detection business and you’ll always have the support of leakTronics behind you to answer any questions, even on the job.

Learn about the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit and the Online Leak Detection Certification Program on the LeakTronics website or call 818-436-2953 today for more information on the equipment and training that runs the industry.