In this video, we walked up on a swimming pool leak detection with unexpected discoveries. This swimming pool was modified more than 30 years ago, before the current homeowner purchased the house. The pool had been reduced in size, adding a new wall to the pool and the end result is cracking, and other issues. We performed the swimming pool leak detection and realized bigger problems were at play. When we drained the pool, we took measures to identify all the repairs needed to get the pool back in shape; check out how it all started here and stay tuned for future videos on the repairs.

During the pool leak detection we discovered leaks in return lines, the skimmer and other issues related to the aging infrastructure of the pool. One big thing we saw was where the light was placed; this led us to discovering the added pool wall. Drilling through that wall would ultimately have led to bigger problems that would have cost a lot more money for the homeowner, as a result, we decided it was best to re-route the plumbing around the other side of the pool to install new return lines.

In the end, we turned the leak detection into a lot of repair work, including a new skimmer, replacing old copper pipes, running new return lines and even repairing cracks. All of these things will be shown in forthcoming videos in a complete series of repairs on this pool, check back here to see more and subscribe to LeakTronics YOUTUBE CHANNEL for regular weekly video updates.