Finding pipes, leaks in pipes and even hearing irrigation blockage is an easy task when using the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. The highly sensitive Soil Probe found in the kit, when connected to the LT-1000 Amplifier, becomes an invaluable tool for listening through soil and landscaping and even concrete, patios, walkways and other solid surfaces.

When working in their field, Irrigation Technicians face a series of challenges. The first is often simply finding where pipes run underground. LeakTronics offers a premier solution to this problem with the PG-2 Pulse Generator. When attached to a line, the PG-2 injects a gentle and easily audible pulse throughout the water in the line and radiates that pulse through any connected lines. When listening with the Soil Probe, Technicians can identify where a line runs, turns, stops or connects to another line and Technicians can mark their location for performing leak detections.

The Irrigation Kit includes a pressure rig for applying air and water to a line and creating the sounds of leaks in the line. When the Technician has marked the location of buried pipes, walking the line and listening with the Soil Probe will reveal the precise location of water escaping from the pipe and allows for extremely accurate leak locating and for making repairs with less invasive damage.

When listening to pipes under regular operating pressure, blockages can become an issue and hearing irrigation blockage with precision is easy with the Soil Probe. Often, a blockage in a pipe doesn’t completely disrupt the flow of water, but restricts it to a minimal amount. because water continues to flow, usually under a bit of back pressure from the system still operating, the trickle of water being pushed through the blockage is going to make a sound, much like a water drip in a kitchen sink. by listening along the pipe, Technicians can hear that sound emanating from the blockage similarly to how they would hear water escaping through a pipe break, crack or separation. it’s the restriction of water flowing through the pipe that creates the noise, and it’s easy to discover using the Soil Probe.

hearing blockage with the soil probe

Irrigation professionals rely on the superior listening power of LeakTronics Irrigation Leak Detection Equipment and run successful operations using the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit to find leaks and make repairs.

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