Pipes that run under floors, concrete and even soil are harder to locate leaks on, mainly because they can’t be seen. When using the equipment in the Plumber’s Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics, accurately identifying leaks anywhere on the property is easy. The equipment allows you to hear the sound of the leak and locate it’s precise location.

When pipes leak, the sound of leak makes a sound that often radiates through the pipe. Metal pipes carry that sound and using equipment like the Pipe Probe from LeakTronics, a key piece of equipment found in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, tells the user what pipe is leaking when simply listening on a handle, valve or angle stop.

When listening under a sink, a technician can hear that a particular pipe is vibrating with the sound of a leak and using the Deck Plate, also found in the Plumbers Kit, the user can listen along the floor where the pipe runs to locate the exact spot where the leak occurs. This greatly reduces time spent breaking surfaces to get at pipes to make repairs, and reduces time spent restoring the area after the repair has been made.

Plastic Pipes, however, do not carry the vibration made from a leak, and other applications can be easily administered to find the precise location of a leak. In the plumbers Kit, there is a pressure rig that allows the user to inject air into a water filled line. When the slight pressure of the air in the line bubbles out of the crack, break of separation in the pipe, the user can hear it under concrete, soil, floors, landscaping or wherever the pipe lays using the Deck Plate or Soil Probe.

Leak Detection is easy using the equipment manufactured by LeakTronics, and when plumbers keep their leak detection work in-house, they can easily turn a leak detection into paid repair work, handling all of their customers needs without relying on another contractor to do work they can get paid for.

Learn about LeakTronics online training platform that turns plumbers into professional leak detection technicians in as little as a week. The complete training program includes the Plumbers leak Detection Kit and goes in depth to explain how to find leaks anywhere on a property using the equipment in the kit and the proven methods LeakTronics shares that get the job done fast.

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