As leak detectors, technicians are subject to questions from a customer about what a pool is doing, and why. A complete swimming pool inspection is an entirely different job than just a leak detection, but a proper inspection does include a leak detection. For the contractor, however, performing a leak detection includes many of the same steps a pool inspector would provide.

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When arriving on the job, a leak detector is going to give a visual inspection of the equipment, the water features, the plumbing set-up and layout of the pool environment. While they aren’t reporting on issues that might be improper for the pool, it’s still a requirement that they take note of issues they see because those issues might be a reason for water loss.

Seeing a deck that isn’t level might be a sign of the pool having shifted. Seeing equipment that has capped lines and pipes that run to nowhere means someone has previously serviced the equipment, most likely in an effort to re-route water to avoid water loss. Added and homemade autofills, hoses hanging into the pool and installed diverters are all signs that someone has a addressed issues in the past and it all needs to be taken into consideration as to why the pool is losing water.

Remember, the customer is calling to find out why their pool is losing water, and often, they already know why – after all, they’ve tried to stop it long before you arrived, and it didn’t work. That’s why they called you. Take a good look at everything that the pool entails and keep your eyes open. A customer might not reveal all the issues they know of, but a keen eye will see things like previous repairs, epoxies and band-aid methods to stop water loss.

If performing complete inspections with leak detections is a service you want to offer your community, LeakTronics offers complete training for inspections with leak detections, including a 300 point section checklist and a complete equipment package to perform leak detections.

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