Pool service technicians get asked to find their customers leaks a lot. typically the customer says that they don’t want to call a leak detection provider because they already pay someone to maintain their pool. The issue here is, maintaining a pool means keeping the current status operating as expected – but when the environment changes, you now have something new to maintain. If it’s a leak, you can only maintain the pool as is, with that leak – so finding it and making repairs means having the right equipment to do the entire job.

David called with an issue. His customer had a leak in the pipe coming from his main drain. It was too deep for David to hear using his Deck Plate so he had to employ other methods to accurately locate where the leak was occurring. Fortunately, when David purchased his Pro Complete Kit, he also purchased the FLASH Add-On Kit. When he called, we walked him through the process.

David cut the pipe running back to the equipment so he could apply pressure into the isolated line. By being able to access either end of the pipe, he could put his FLASH mic through the line to hear the leak. Once inserted, he applied low pressure to the line and drew the FLASH mic through the line until he found the leak at it’s loudest point. Fortunately, that point was literally just below the drain at the elbow.

He was able to break out the drain and make a permanent pipe repair with a new stand pipe and repaired the bottom of the pool to match the level of the surrounding shell. It was a flawless repair because he was able to accurately identify where the leak was and to know just where and how the repair would take place. The customer was overjoyed.

David was able to find and repair his customers leak be use he had the right equipment to do the job. Some techs who decide to take on a part time gig with minor leak detections will invest in the Pro Kit and simply be able to hear leaks in the shell, and advise on what should be done to find and repair them at their exact location. Pool builders love the Pro Kit. That’s all well and good for basic leak detection. There are times, however, that getting outside the shell, using pressure and secondary measures are required to pinpoint leaks before recommending or even making repairs. LeakTronics has consistently addressed the needs of technicians to provide the fastest, most accurate and most effective methods for non-invasive leak detection so technicians can best serve their customers, run their business and get paid for the services they provide.

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