On our service arm, CalTech Pools, we often see mistakes other companies made and find ourselves working twice as hard to make up for it. There are, however, times when a customer makes a decision that works entirely against them and they create their own pool nightmare.

This is the case of what happened on this fiberglass pool. We were brought in to make a bid on a repair job and the pool deck had already been cut and excavated on arrival. We could see that pipes were leaking, but when we performed the leak detection, the pool was filled and blue and we had, for the most part, identified what needed repair and what would be done – we bid the job at a specific price.

The job was booked 3 weeks out and when we returned to do the work, we discovered that the customer had another company come in to do a leak detection, then paid them to do some work, trying to get the job done cheaper before we returned so they could snake us out of a slightly higher cost to have the job done right. The other company misdiagnosed the issue and they also cut pipes out before being let go from the job. They essentially made a mess and ran away with the customers partial payment for the job.

So 3 weeks goes by and we return to do the work and we find the mess, a real pool nightmare. it’s been sitting this way for 2 weeks. The pool drained, the pipes cut, and above all that – the shell is now cracked in multiple places because the boneheads who came in and did their shotty work failed to relieve the hydrostatic pressure beneath the pool and essentially, destroyed the shell. Our previous bid no longer stands. We ordered a hamburger, they delivered a pizza – no deal.

We surveyed the situation and considered the options and re-submitted a new bid to find out and repair the original problem with the pipes, but realistically, this pool is garbage now and will have to be thrown away and replaced. It’s cracked beyond a permanent repair, they’ll be repeatedly adding bandaids to the shell to try and keep water in it for the rest of the pools life. An absolute nightmare, caused by stupid decisions made by the customer.

The answer to all of this is, hire professionals, with experience, and if it costs a little more, it’s worth it because the job will be done right. This customer could have got out the door under $2000 with the leak detection and repair and now are looking at a $40,000 pool replacement for something that didn’t have to happen. Learn about the equipment and repair methods that get the job done right by visiting LeakTronics.com or call 818-436-2953 in the West Valley, Malibu, Beverly Hills or lower Ventura/Simi area for CalTech Pools.