You’ll be surprised how often leak guys bypass the first and foremost thing they should check when they get to the job … the equipment. There are going to be times the customer has you set on a course to find a leak with long discussions on how they know it’s in a return, or they’re confident it’s in the skimmer and you just go in to find the leak they know they have. Stop the insanity! Take the time to check everything methodically and know as you go … is it leaking?

When you get to a customer’s property, look it over before you break out the gear. Start with the equipment. does it look dry? Does it have puddling? Does it look like it hasn’t been touched in years? See what’s there; a heater, a pump, a wireless system – whatever makes the pool tick, it’s going to be in this equipment set. Take note to see that wires aren’t hanging out, and that pipes aren’t running off to nowhere. Then, turn it on. You might see it spraying water out of a blown gasket or a bad seal, it happens. Check this out:

is it leaking

I got a call from Robert, a LeakTronics user, and he was new to the job but doing very well with his client base. He got to the pool, looked it over and broke out the gear. He walked the pool, spent more than an hour going through the pool twice and was convinced there was no leak, so he called. I asked him if he turned on the system and he said no. Then he did and it was bubbling right out of the pump, all over the ground, leaking like a sieve. Leak found, though not near where he thought it would be.

We teach this in the training course – the methods by which we inspect and test the entire pool system during a leak detection, and before we get into the pool, we insist that you run the equipment, even for a minute, just to make sure it’s functioning properly and that it’s water tight. Better to know before you spend the time trying to find a leak that doesn’t exist.

At LeakTronics, we do more than just manufacture the most accurate, well built and easy to use equipment to provide the solutions leak detection technicians need. We train you, your employees and even people who aren’t pool professionals on how to do the job right, find leaks fast and get paid for their labors. The complete training program includes the Pro Complete Kit to do the work and even gives a library of video content of professional repairs we’ve done after finding leaks. It’s the perfect way to invest in your career’s future and to learn the best methods of providing leak detection as a service in your community.

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