LeakTronics leads the professional swimming pool leak detection market with industry standard electronic leak detection equipment and certified training options to build your business. Developing and manufacturing the easiest to use and most accurate leak detection solutions, LeakTronics announces their latest technology release, the Spot Mic.

When the pressure caused by the weight of a pool’s water pushes out of a leak, it makes an easily audible whooshing sound; a sound users hear loud and clear with the hydrophones manufactured by LeakTronics. The phantom powered technology takes simple listening and enhances it to unmatched abilities, honing in on the sound leaks make and identifying where they are in the pool environment. This makes for non-invasive leak detection and pinpoint accuracy to reduce time and destruction during repairs. Knowing where a pool leaks with precision means less digging, less breaking of concrete and less wasted time and expense to make leaks stop.

LeakTronics Spot Mic takes the technology in their award winning Side Mic and puts it into a puck-like design that attaches to the end of a standard pool pole. With extreme user control, the Spot Mic can be used to hover around drains, lights, all plastic protrusions, structural cracks in pools, spas, fountains and even on vinyl seams.

In our area, it seems all the pools are built with a light right under the diving board,” shares Randy Bussiak, a South Carolina based leak detector. “Being able to simply reach in under the boards and listen around the lights is a pleasure. The Spot Mic puts us on the drains and around the light in just seconds and we find even the smallest weeping leaks fast.”

LeakTronics introduces the Spot Mic as both an add-on to LeakTronics kits that users currently have and it is also included now with LeakTronics VILO Vinyl Liner Kits.

Outside of listening at protrusions, the Spot Mic will hear certain tears and holes in liners,” shares Leaktronics owner Darren Merlob, inventor of the Spot Mic. “When there’s a pocket behind a hole in a liner, it makes a flapping sound. We hear that sound loud and clear with the Spot Mic and you will too.”

The Spot Mic is the next evolution in highly sensitive electronic listening equipment from LeakTronics. LeakTronics Research and Development Team works continuously to develop products from ideas and concepts that tackle common problems technicians have learned to live with for years. See the complete line of equipment that professionals use every day around the world and get more information by calling 818-436-2953.