As the kids exit their high school years and prepare to face the world, the facts are, college isn’t always an option – or even what they want. However, the future does require having some kind of skill or education that enables them to enter the workforce and to thrive. A Career is the Perfect Graduation Gift to set your children on a course for success.

Alan, a LeakTronics trainee told me, “My grandparents gave me $6000 to buy a car after graduation. I already had one, albeit the car had 100,000 miles on it, it still worked. The problem was, I didn’t. I was out of school and was ultimately looking at low wage jobs that I didn’t want to do. UPS overnight sorting, Wal-Mart shelf stocker, painting for the summer with friends; it was all guaranteed short term, and unpleasant work. A friend told me he got a leak detection kit from LeakTronics and he was working already. We’d been out of school for 2 weeks, he was already making money, I wanted in.

It’s true. His friend Jeff Cranston had enrolled in our Online Training with Equipment Package for around $4000 and he was performing leak detection work in a weeks time. He started with his own parent’s pool and when word got out he was available to find leaks, the phone started ringing. He’s been working steadily since.

LeakTronics Online Training is a benefit to grads in a number of ways. It offers the freedom to create their own work schedule, part time, full time or all the time, which a lot of grads do. The equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit, it is included with the training, finds leaks fast and accurately and the insight on how to use the equipment, the best methods of leak detection and the how-to’s to start and operate a business are all explained in the training course. What’s more, LeakTronics is available for all trainees to call and get answers to questions, even while on the job. No student is ever alone. They access the training on their own time, and they have a forever access to it. Refer back at any time for a refresher, see new repair method videos that have been uploaded, download paperwork or call to get answers to any lingering questions so you know, without a doubt, how to find a customers leaks, submit your reports and get paid. LeakTronics helps students do it all while building a career that has the potential to support them for a lifetime.

Alan, the trainee I spoke with previously in this article, took the training course and earned his certification. He started performing leak detections on local area pools and spas and was hired by a number of contractors around Atlanta to find leaks so they could make repairs on their customers pools. Over the course of 10 months, Alan had banked his first year’s tuition and started night courses for something that also interested him, computer work. During the day Alan earns upwards for $400-$500 per job, literally an hours work, and he continues his education on his own dime. This isn’t an uncommon story, we’ve heard this from a lot of students who simply wanted something more than just a 9-5 job that pays a few hundred dollars a week at best. They want a future.

As school lets out and parents want to reward their hard working kids with something for graduation, a career is a great option to give them. If you’re looking give your student a gift, invest in their future and give them something they can benefit from for the rest of their lives. The training and equipment LeakTronics offers to get them working and making career money right out of school is infinitely more valuable than anything else you could give them. Take a look at the Leak Detection Training and Certification Program.

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