During a standard leak detection on this swimming pool, we identified a leak occurring in the suction line. The last thing we want to do is dig necessarily, or be invasive just to find the leak. As you will see in the video, we were able to find the exact location of the suction line leak using a special technique. This involved using the suction pump itself to bring the Pipe Mic into the line and drawing it back to hear the leak. because the Pipe Mic has the ability to work in smaller diameter pipes, finding the leak was easy. Have a look at how we did it.

The Pro Complete Kit from LeakTronics includes the Pipe Mic, as well as the Pool Scope for finding even the smallest of leaks and water loss in every aspect of the pool environment. With any leak detection, we begin listening inside the pool shell. Hearing the sound coming from a leak inside a line, we can use special methods to accurately identify the precise location of the leak. This minimizes any invasive methods needed to make repairs. Instead of digging an entire line to find the leak, we only need to make repairs where the leak is, and patching concrete is easy, and less expensive.

On this line, we were able to add a somewhat controlled vacuum using the suction in the line and we pulled the mic past the leak into the line itself. With the suction pump off, and by drawing back on the mic slowly, we could hear the leak clearly as we approached it. Once we were certain we had found the loudest point of the leak, we marked the wire where it entered the pipe and were able to lay the cable down on the patio to see the distance into the line where we heard the leak. This indicated exactly where repairs needed to be made.

This is just one of the many techniques LeakTronics explains during training for swimming pool leak detection certification. If you are looking to add professional leak detection to your list of services, visit LeakTronics.com and learn about the online training packages, including the Pro Complete Kit, and never turn your customers over to another company to handle your leak detection work again.