There is nothing I appreciate more than hearing from one of our trainees about the success with leak detection they are experiencing. When I get a phone call and they tell me that they listened in a pool using the PoolScope and they found the leak; or when a job had them searching for the leak with the methods they learned in our online training program and they got the job done – it’s very satisfying.

One of the policies we maintain at Leaktronics is that we will always have time for our trainees on the phone. If they’re working through a learning curve, asking about how to best use the tools and equipment we provide or simply that they want to share their experience – we always have time to talk.

Today I received a call from one of our certified trainees from Florida. He completed the online training program, got his equipment and performed his first leak detection within a week. The pool had a leak in the suction line under the patio and he found it. Using the methods we instruct to walk the pool, listen at all protrusions, inspect the area and investigate everything that could be causing water loss; within 40 minutes he found the leak and stopped the customers worries about where they were losing water. Success!

What’s more, we don’t just answer the phone for our trainees. I’m proud to share more than 30 years of experience in the swimming pool repair and leak detection industry and it doesn’t matter if you own Leaktronics equipment, trained with us or just have a leak and don’t know what to do. As we tell anyone who has a question – just pick up the phone and ask. If you’re in the industry and you’re using another manufacturer’s set of leak tools, it’s okay. We understand that some equipment just doesn’t do what you want, or expect it to do. That doesn’t mean we can’t help. It starts with asking a question, and together – we can get you through what’s holding the job back and we can find out where the leak is. Homeowners, leak detection specialists, structural repair professionals or just someone who wants to find a new option for earning a living and wants to know what leak detection can provide for their families future – we’re here to help.

At Leaktronics, we strive to exceed expectation, and it isn’t just with our tools, our training or our methods of getting the job done. It’s about our customer support! I know, without question, that by providing the best customer support in the industry, the success rate of our trainees, equipment users and customers is a virtual guarantee. It’s important to know that when you go out to a job, we have your back.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to call me and share their thoughts, experiences and stories from the job. As much as you learn from us, we learn from you too. We’re out there every day doing the same work you’re doing and we know the stresses you can encounter. By hearing how you’ve overcome questions and issues with pools helps us to better provide for others, and to best create the equipment and solutions you’ll use to get the job done fast, and effectively.

So pick up the phone and let us know what you have going on. Stop by our booth at a show and say hello. We want to hear from you because it’s true – nothing sounds better than success with leak detection.

~ Darren Merlob