Just like the leak detection we performed on this glass pool, it doesn’t matter what size the pool is, some common leak issues will happen regardless of the pool. When leaks occur, the material the pool is made of doesn’t make a difference to the leak. As water escapes, it’s going to make a sound we can hear with the equipment in LeakTronics Pro Complete Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kit.

This pool was suffering from an assortment of issues related to how it was built. it’s a long cantilever pool built on pilings along the edge of a cliff property. The view is terrific, and the concept is good, but the pool wasn’t sound. Between the pool, and the length it ran over to the spa on side, there were a number of areas where shortcuts, or just poor craftsmanship left it subject to small areas of water loss. Enough small areas, and you’re suffering from big water loss.

When using our PoolScope, we detected areas in the waterproofing that didn’t cure or seal to the tiles. This allows for water seepage. We saw unnecessary gaps under LED lighting that was set into the pool, and throughout the catch trough along the edge of the pool, tiles were lifting and popping off.

At the edge of the catch basin, we discovered large globs of mud and epoxy that didn’t belong there, just globbed onto drains and pipes and high levels of calcification that indicate water loss. In the end, while the water loss may not be immediately substantial, the long term damage caused by the leaks is going to cost a lot of money in repairs on this glass pool if they aren’t tended to today.

The Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics includes all the tools necessary to perform a complete and thorough leak detection on any pool, spa, fountain, water feature or water bearing vessel. Providing leak detection services for your customers has never been easier than with the equipment or the training from Leaktronics.

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