In this week’s episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we are showing you a technique we use to get the mic up inside a pipe on a suction side line.

This is a standard in-ground swimming pool, and we are using the suction on the return line to feed the mic into the pipe. This is a special technique we’re sharing that we’ve used often to get the job done right. You can try it too. Once in the line, we shut the equipment off and pull back on the mic cable, listening for the leak. We make short pulls, stopping and listening as we pull the mic back. Pulling at 12 inch intervals until we hear the sound of the leak, then reducing our pull to just a couple of inches as the sound grows louder. Once the mic has been drawn back to where we hear the leak at it’s loudest point, we’re able to identify how deep into the line the leak was heard.

Here, we know where the line is running under the concrete. It is a direct shot between the skimmer and the equipment. You can also use a device like the PG-2 Pulse Generator or the FLASH System to find the exact location of the pipe, or the leak. We’re using the equipment we have on site to do it right.

Once we’ve got the mic head on the leak, we pinch the cable with our thumb and index finger where the mic where it’s entering the pipe and when we pull it out of the pipe. We can lay it down on the concrete and see where the mic was when we identified the loudest point of the leak. In this situation, it tells us we were about 30 inches into the line, and now we know where we’re going to make our repairs. We’ve reduced unnecessary digging and invasive techniques to find where the leak is, and now we know right where we’ll make the repairs.

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