Plumbing leaks, residential or commercial, simply can’t hide when using LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Kit to isolate leaks. Using the equipment in the Plumbers Kit, finding leaks under concrete or soil, beneath floors, raised foundations, behind cabinets and tile – no problem! Each piece of equipment is ergonomically designed with the specific details to hear leaks in any situation, throughout the entire property.

With the highly sensitive DeckPlate, SoilProbe, Listening Disc – powered by LeakTronics LT-1000 Amplifier, you’ll accurately identify the exact location of a leak in a pipe, regardless of where it is, or what it’s under. Small leaks, large leaks, pinholes and breaks all produce a sound. using that sound to accurately isolate the precise location of the damage vastly reduces invasive alternatives to finding leaks in pipes and plumbing. Overall, you’ll reduce time, effort and expense while reducing the damage you might otherwise create to find and repair a leak.

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LeakTronics offers more than just the most sensitive and powerful leak detection equipment in the industry. With years of practical use proving the methods plumbers use to get the job done – LeakTronics offers a rich and insightful online training platform to certify technicians in professional plumbing leak detection. Click through to learn about LeakTronics Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, leak detection training and business building options to launch a successful career with leak detection services. Read about all of the equipment LeakTronics manufactures to get the job done fast, effectively and to get you paid.