The art of residential leak detection is simple when you have the right equipment to do the job. Using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit by LeakTronics lets you pinpoint leaks with accuracy to get the job done right. it doesn’t matter, residential or commercial, the equipment LeakTronics manufacturers provides the same accuracy in performing leak detections.

On this property, we had a pool/spa combo. We began with a walkthrough and gave a visual inspection of the equipment. This gives us an idea of what we’re dealing with in regards to how the pool operates. Pumps, blowers, heaters, controls, time clocks – all of this can show us how the pool functions and can help give us an idea of what might be causing the leak.

Looking at what the pool shell consists of, we find that there is a good crack in the top of the skimmer bucket. We also see a waterfall, where attached equipment is common, it adds to the workload. Consider that when offering your bid to do the job. Ask all the right questions about the pool on your initial phone call, just like we teach in the Online Certified leak Detection Training Course. be aware of the equipment you’re walking up on.

We use our PoolScope, the go-to tool in the Pro Complete leak Detection Kit. We begin by using it to listen to the areas where most common leaks are found. This includes everything that protrudes through the pool wall. In the end, we found a leak at a penetration in the waterfall. Where a pipe came through the wall to feed the waterfall, there was a leak. With the PoolScope, we heard it loud and clear. We used dye to back ourselves up on the finding and prepared to submit our bid for the repair work.

Check out this video and see how the PoolScope found the leak and ruled out the rest of the pool when we performed this leak detection. Click to the Business Building program page and see how building a business or adding leak detection services to your already established business is easy using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics.