In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work we are at a remodel of a commercial building in Agoura Hills, (Los Angeles) CA. The owner called because they saw a rise in billing and water use in the building. it’s a multiple unit, office occupied business building and includes more than one bathroom, more than one building, more than one source of water use and one meter coming from the street. That helps make the job easier.

As the remodel property features two buildings, and we isolated the leak to be behind the front building. We began by shutting the vale where water first enters the property from tthe street. This isolated the pipe between the meter and the building. Once we did that, the meter stopped. This told us that the leak was either in the building, or at least beyond that meter where it entered the first building. Then we did the same for the second building to hone in on the area of the leak.

Isolation brought us to the area between the two building, but the plumbing lines were not clearly marked as being a direct shot between the two building. We honestly had no idea where the pipes were. This isn’t a problem, as we have a PG-2 Pulse Generator.

Using our Plumbers Kit and the PG-2 Line Locator from LeakTronics, we were able to easily locate the pipes under the parking lot and trace them between the buildings. Then we listened to the lines, identified the leak on the cold water side, used the pressure rig to create the sound we needed to hear and accurately identified the precise location of the leak.

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