The Irrigation Leak Detection Kit by LeakTronics solves problems that irrigation and turf management professionals face when line locating, mapping and tracing plumbing and accurately identifying the precise location of leaks in pipes and plumbing lines buried underground. Using the gentle thumping pulse produced from the PG-2 Pulse Generator and the ground probing technology used to listen for that sound with the Soil Probe, technicians can be precise when locating pipes. This allows for flagging and mapping where lines run, even under large areas of space.

Once the irrigation lines are mapped, using pressure to test isolated lines, and injecting air and water into a line, technicians can locate where a break is in a pipe and reduce time spent digging or using invasive techniques to get at those lines. When the sound of leak is heard at it’s loudest point, the repair work can begin. Simply dig at the area marked when the leak was found. Make repairs and put the line back in service. This is how the Irrigation Leak Detection and Line Locating Kit benefits Irrigation professionals.

Locating PVC, plastic, metal, any type of pipe or fitting; the Irrigation Leak Detection Kit by LeakTronics will find it. Have a look at what the kit is all about.

Learn more about the leak detection equipment LeakTronics offers and the many applications its used on every day bu clicking through the website or by visiting the official LeakTronics YouTube page. At LeakTronics, we do more than just manufacture the worlds leading leak detection equipment. We perform leak detections every day. During the process, we create video content that shows users how we took the equipment onto a job, found the leaks, got the job done and got paid.

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