In this weeks edition of Turning leak Detections Into Repair Work, we’re at a 360 degree slot drain pool. This pool has all the same characteristics of a pool with a catch basin, gutter, slot drain – it’s basically two bodies of water. Performing a leak detection is no different in this situation than it would be in a single body of water. Each vessel needs to be treated individually and listened to for water escaping. Leaks are the same, regardless of how many bodies of water we have. That’s why we have the equipment in the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit.

The pool with the 360 degree infinity edge is draining to a surge tank which in turn is being pumped back into the pool. What we see with this set-up is that the more elaborate they build them, the more things can go wrong. Keep your eyes open. Take note of everything that makes the pool tick, what’s connected and what has the potential to produce leaks. This includes all protrusions through the pool walls, drains and side suctions, skimmers and skimmer throats, return fittings and spa jet valves – everything you can put a mic in front of.

Check out what we found on this pool. The slots were tough, being as small as they were, but we have the equipment to get inside them and listen. Looking inside this slot, we saw a wood separation from when the pool was poured. it’s not uncommon, but it is a reason why a pool is losing water. Have a look, and visit for more information on professional leak detection equipment and training packages to get you working today!