In this episode of Turning Leak Detection Into Repair Work, we’re at a commercial building in Westlake Village, CA. This is an older commercial building and some of the plumbing is suffering from it’s age. The owner called because of a spike in water use, though the owner was unsure of what unit had the problem. There are multiple bathrooms and units in this building.

We isolated the building by shutting the water where it entered the building. This means the only flow was in the pipe running from the meter to the building. Any signs of water movement would mean that water coming to the building from the street was leaking from the pipes between the building and the sidewalk.

There was no spin, so we opened the valve back to the building and saw the meter spin. Assuring that there was no open valve in the building, no running toilets, no open faucets, we could be sure that there was a leak, somewhere. Using the Soil Probe and the included listening disc, we listened along pipes for the sound of water escaping the break. When we got under the sink, we heard a loud whoosh that indicated we were on it. In the end, we found it under the cold water side of the small bathroom and removed the sink, chipped out the floor and made the repair.

We did it using the Plumbers Leak Detection Equipment from LeakTronics.


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