In the video below, we’re taking a look at the versatility, accuracy and ease of use that the Soil Probe provides.

We often refer to this as both the Soil or Pipe Probe, because it’s used in multiple instances to accurately identify the area of a leak. As the Soil Probe, leaks in pipes and plumbing that run under grass, dirt, aggregate and landscaping can be tough to detect. Hearing the sounds of those leaks is easy with the sensitive pointed tip.

By gently pushing the tip of the fully extended probe into the dirt, just about a half inch, the probe will clearly listen through the ground for leaks. With the rod fully assembled, it’s an ergonomic dream, no bending required to hear underground. Also, with the rod fully assembled, we can easily listen to water spigots, irrigation sprinkler heads, plumbing lines running along the surface area, pipes overhead in garages or attached to the ceiling, furnaces and hot water hears and more. It’s full extension gets you right up onto areas that might otherwise be out of reach.

When listening to plumbing through homes and buildings, we can use the shorter section of the rod as a Pipe Probe. This makes it easy to get under sinks and cabinetry, behind washing machines and toilets and in other places where we just need to reach in a little further while still having complete control of the probe.

When we use the two listening discs with the device, we can listen as one would with a stethoscope, or even put the 3 inch listening disc on the fully assembled rod and use it much the same way we would use a deck plate, to listen through solid surfaces. The smaller magnetic disc lets us go hands free when putting it on metal pipes, hydrants, or fittings that can hold a magnet. it’s convenient to take your hands off the device and completely reduce any potential of handling noise.

The pipe probe comes standard in the Pro Complete, Irrigation, Plumbing and Pulse Generator Complete kits. For users who have the VILO or the Pro Kit, and want to add the versatility of the Soil Probe, it can be purchased separately and used with the LT1000 Amplifier that comes in all LeakTronics kits. Just plug in and start listening.

Have a look at the video below, and get your Soil Probe here: CLICK TO GET THE SOIL/PIPE PROBE