LeakTronics Poolscope is the most accurate listening device available in the world for listening to the sound of leaks in pools and spas and identifying the precise location of where water is escaping a vessel, or pipe. In the video below, take a look at how we use the PoolScope, and the PipeMic to listen for leaks in spas and hot tubs – the same way we do it in pools.

Like all leak detections, the pool and spa are filled and the equipment is turned off. With our PoolScope attached to our LT-1000 Amplifer, we have our headphones on and we’re ready to listen. We simply “Drop The Mic In The Pool!” In this case, we drop it into the spa and listen around return fittings, drains, suction ports, lights, tile lines and any epoxy or structural cracks we see. Often, previous repairs can produce leaks, even though someone attempted the repair using epoxy. Epoxy is NOT a fix for pool and spa cracks.

The sound of the leak becomes instantly apparent in the spa and as we hone in on the location of the leak, the sound becomes louder the closer we get. In another video, you can see how we use the same technique but we find a pressurized pipe behind a spa wall in the trunk line. The power of the PoolScope is amazing.

The PoolScope is standard in all LeakTronics Swimming Pool Leak Detection Kits and is the most valuable tool you’ll use to find leaks in pools and spas fast!

Learn more about the PoolScope and the powerful listening equipment available in the Pro Kit and the Pro Complete Kit by clicking through the store or by calling LeakTronics at 818-436-2953. Click HERE to learn about the in-depth online training program that makes professional leak detection technicians around the world. LeakTronics is more than just a manufacturer – we do leak detection work every day. let us show you how you can be successful in your own leak detection business today.